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Feeling comfortable is important at Dental Care of Jackson Hole. Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Jorgensen want the most comfortable experience for our patients. One way we provide a comfortable experience is through sedation. From oral sedation to general sedation, Dental Care of Jackson Hole offers comfort.


What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation uses a variety of medications to help patients relax during procedures. These medications come in a variety of strengths. There are different levels of sedation. From drowsy to conscious sedation, Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Jorgensen can help you. Here is more information about each type of sedation. 


  • Minimal Sedation or Conscious Sedation. Minimal sedation includes inhalation sedation and oral sedation. Inhalation sedation is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. This will make you feel silly and loose. Once you start breathing oxygen, the gas wears off. Another type of sedation is oral sedation. Dr. Schmidt or Dr. Jorgensen will prescribe a pill for you to take before your appointment. A common pill is Halicon. It will make you feel sleepy, but you will still be able to wake up and follow directions. Depending on your anxiety level, different procedures may use minimal sedation. These include dental cleanings and fillings. 
  • General Anesthesia. During general anesthesia, patients say they are ‘completely asleep’. You are in a deep sleep, almost unconscious. You will not remember anything about the procedure. Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Jorgensen use intravenous medication or IVs. The medication will go through your bloodstream with a tiny catheter, like a small straw. Medication this way works quicker than given by mouth. One downside compared to minimal sedation is that it takes longer to wear off. 


How Long Does Dental Sedation Last?

It depends on the sedation. One advantage of minimal sedation is that it wears off. It will wear off once you start breathing more oxygen. The amount of time a pill works on your body depends on its half life. Different pills have different half lives. Ask your dentist at Dental Care of Jackson Hole when your sedative pill will wear off. Last is IV medication. This is for deep sedation or general anesthesia. IV medication can take hours to wear off. You may feel ‘loopy’ or not like yourself afterwards. If you have specific questions about how long it will take for your sedation to wear off, ask our team of experts. They are here to help you. 

Having a beautiful, healthy smile is important to many people. Yet, the fear of dental work may get in the way of that goal. One way to relax patients during dental procedures is sedation dentistry. There are different levels of sedation dentistry. From loopy, conscious sedation to asleep, almost unconscious sedation. If you have questions about sedation, call our team of experts at Dental Care of Jackson Hole. They look forward to meeting you and your family.