Teeth Whitening in Jackson Hole Teeth Whitening dental care of jackson hole dentist in wyoming

Teeth Whitening in Jackson Hole

If you have been desiring to whiten your smile but have had a hard time choosing between teeth whitening at home on your own or going to see a dentist, please let us help you. Throughout this post, you will learn why it is highly recommended to whiten your smile through a professional dental office…

Braces For Teens dental care of jackson hole children dentist in wyoming

Braces For Teens

If you have misaligned teeth or jaw concerns braces might be right for you. With advances in treatment, traditional metal braces are more comfortable than ever. The sleeker brace options attach to the teeth with adhesive. The wires attached to the metal brackets are then tightened every 4-6 weeks. Tightening the wires allows the braces…

Best Ways to Prevent Cavities dental care of Jackson hole dentist in wyoming

Best Ways to Prevent Cavities

Cavities, otherwise known as tooth decay, are irreversibly damaged areas in the outer enamel layer of your teeth. Cavities are incredibly common and can develop in children, teenagers, and adults.  If a cavity is untreated, it will continue to worsen. This can lead to severe toothache, infections, and even tooth loss. Preventative dentistry is an…